51st Infantry Brigade - The Army in Scotland

Full Version: Completion of Operation TIBER, 18JUNE2018
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TO: All Enlisted personnel, 51 Inf Bde 
FROM: 2Lt Stewart, 1 Pl Comd
SUBJECT: End of Deployment

The 51st Infantry Brigade have completed Operation Tiber and handed over the region to our US counterparts. 
With this all of our units events are optional until 10 of July, 2018 where we will conduct Mission Specific Training. 
A modpack update will be issued on the 1st of July giving our lads plenty of time to get it downloaded and G6 Support 
will be on standby for any & all game, mod or computer problems throughout the outlined period. 
Those who attended & earned will be issued medals & ribbons once the new website goes live.

Thank you to those who everyone attended & G3 Operations for their continued effort to craft an enjoyable experience for all.

2Lt Stewart
1 Platoon Commander