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MODPACK UPDATE - Langdon - 25-03-2018

TO: All Enlisted personnel, 51 Inf Bde 
FROM: A/Cpl Langdon, head of G3 Mission Making branch
SUBJECT: Modpack Update
Modpack Revision 04

  • Map: Prei Kmaoch Luong
  • G2Pack: Achilles/Ares Mod, MCC mod.
  • @ALIVE mod
  • @OpCromwell pack (Warrior Fighting Vehicles, EODS mod, Kunduz map) 
A/Cpl Langdon
Head Of G3 Mission Making branch

RE: MODPACK UPDATE - Langdon - 01-04-2018

Update: Recent discussions were had about updating the modpack. I can confirm this won't be happening at this time.
Next modpack update is likely to take place after June, once we've finished Op Tiber.