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Operation Tiber - Deploying Tomorrow! - Langdon - 27-04-2018

[Image: v3pGGYz.jpg]

TO: 2 Scots, 51st Infantry Brigade
FROM: G3 Ops Centre
SUBJECT: Operation Tiber
ISSUED: 27 April 2018 - 2330 hours.
Timezone used: Zulu


All personnel in 'A Company', 2 Scots, are to be packed and ready to move at 1130hrs tomorrow (Sat 28 April). Transport will be arranged to your staging area where ammunition and mission-specific equipment will be issued, and further orders given. 'A Company' are being deployed to arrive in Country at 1800hrs tomorrow (Sat 28 April). The first shipment of humanitarian aid is already on it's way up river to our Compound, unloading and kit-checks will begin at 1930hrs (server start time) and the Company CO wants 1 Platoon to get this on the road by 2000hrs (standard mission start time). Operation Tiber is upon us.