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Week 4 - Warning Order - Langdon - 13-05-2018

TO: 51 INF, 2 Scots, A Company, 1 Pln HQ
FROM: A Company HQ, 2 Scots.
DTG: 1930Z19MAY18


Ground - Existing AOR, Mindanao Province. 
Enemy - as per OpOrder.
Enemy Intent - Mindanao Liberation Front now appear to be actively targeting UK Forces, believing us to be responsible for enabling the massacre at Kanleng Sreuv Samnang.
Friendly Forces - as per OpOrder.

Probable Mission:
1 Pln - Locate and Disrupt suspected MLF camp(s) in vicinity of Sainte Clementine, in order to regain use of the Main Supply Route towards Phoum Srei Aphsok. 

Own Main Effort:
Disrupt Enemy's ability to sustain/supply ambush positions along MSR.

2000 Zulu - Operation start.
2200 Zulu - Return to Base.
2230 Zulu - Latest time for debrief.

O group:
Section Leaders: PB Khaiber/Platoon Sergeant's Office, 1930 Zulu
All Troops: PB Khaiber, 1955 Zulu

Service Support:
US Forces have agreed limited use of FARP (Forward Arming & Refueling Point) at FOB Jackson, to maintain UKPF's air and ground assets. 
Replacement SV trucks are being sourced, but may not be available in time for this patrol.