Week 7 - Commander's Briefing
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15-06-2018, 06:15 PM -

After last week's firefight with the Philippine Army, a political agreement has finally been reached. UK Forces will be pulled out of Mindanao, and the US Army will take over peacekeeping and aid distribution responsibility in the region. PB Khaiber is being steadily emptied and loaded up on American Heavy lift assets at FOB Jackson's airstrip.

Enemy Forces: Supported by the Philippine Army, loyalist militia have flooded the region, although we believe the majority of these forces are concentrated around Phoum Srei Aphsok. They are harassing and intimidating the remaining residents in the area, however MLF militants continue to engage militia convoys along the main supply routes.

Friendly Forces: US Forces have drawn their perimeter patrols back to FOB Jackson on orders of the Philippine Regional Government. 3 Section have pulled their patrol in to OP Pyle to monitor the situation. 

Neutral Forces: The Philippine Army (PKA) are known to be active in the region. A small fire-team sized element have been monitoring our logistics patrols to and from the airstrip, but the negotiated ceasefire is being observed fully.


51st Infantry Brigade are to deliver their last shipment of Aid Supplies to Plantation Saint Clementine, in order to maximise the value of our remaining time in Mindanao.


The mission will be conducted in four phases:
1 - Road Convoy out to Saint Clementine
2 - Deliver Aid, avoid engagement
3 - Abandon unarmed trucks, road convoy back to Airstrip for evacuation.

  • Our Coyote is being used for moving supplies to and from the airstrip. This will be loaded onto a C-130 and not available for our final aid convoy.
  • Anti-tank launchers have been procured in the event of any further contact with PKA forces. These are stored in the central Ammo Shed. 
  • All efforts should be made to avoid further contact with Philippine Army forces. 

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