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Rainbow  26-01-2018, 09:56 PM -
Hey guys, I'm going to start a sceenshot gallery and attempt to add a little context to what's going on. Hope you enjoy 

[Image: F606DDC3562976E3E77F6A3BAFFFA8142DDB1088]

Here we have an image of Bluefor A/Cpl. Clapperton negotiating a deal to obtain real bullets, as the current blank fire munitions his section had been employing were proving ineffective (those government budget cuts will (not) kill you). All in stunning low detail! 

[Image: F6F4FE72C8865F27BC29BCD9A1C38F5DA2A626C5]

Next we have me observing two inconspicuous hobos playing around with some sand castles in the woods. As you can see from the photo, the fella on the left is working on his tan lines and soaking up that wonderful German (?) sun. Shortly thereafter, a couple of cordial Bluefor gentlemen approached hoping that they too could build sand castles- unfortunately the sandbox was only big enough for two, so the hobos attempted to suicide bomb their guests, per local custom.

Check back following next OP for more of the world as seen through the scope of my rifle (and a safe 300-800m [in cover] away!)
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27-01-2018, 03:50 PM -
Low detail has never looked so good!
Fus LeBlanc

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27-01-2018, 09:54 PM -
Jan 27th, 2018

OP Cromwell Patrol 1

[Image: 422F147E2D306A7D69D763EC39C8F06C70316817]

Here we have the unheralded bureaucrat Lt. Stewart standing in the doorway of the briefing tent, getting what is arguably his first look at live combat soldiers! Perhaps all the time spent at his desk safely away from the dangers of patrol is what has given him such fantastic forearm muscles. The height of Lt. Stewart's sleeve roll only further disginguishes the unparalleled height of his authority, a quality already exacterbated by his seemingly larger-than-doorframe figure. Somebody get this man a medal!

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