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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Got a question? Check here for an answer.

Q: What times do you play during the week/weekend?
A: Our weekly main event is played exclusively on Saturdays at 1930 GMT, however Phase 1 & 2 training's are held on Tuesdays (P1) & Thursdays (P2), also at 1930 GMT. 
We often hold mini-ops on a Wednesday or Friday night, but attendance at these is not expected. 

Q: Can I still join if I can't make these days or times?
A: Generally no, but there is some flexibility. All potential applicants must be able to attend the Saturday Op regularly. You must attend each training course once to stay in the unit long term. 
You can join as a "Reservist" if you will be able to attend some Saturday ops but not all. As a general guide we'd ask Recruits to attend an average of 25% of the Saturday Ops. 

Q: I don't own any DLC, can I still join?
A: Absolutely, as long as you own a legal copy of the base game; you will be able to join & attend our weekly events.

[TEMPORARY CAVEAT] From 21 April 2018 to 9 June 2018, we will be using APEX DLC for our main campaign. 
You can still join as a reservist during this time and train with us, but you wouldn't be able to take part in Saturday night Ops. 

Q: Which versions of TeamSpeak 3 and ACRE do you run?
A: Compatible versions are provided through our Arma3Sync repository.

Q: How do you achieve a MilSim atmosphere within the game?
A: The 51st Infantry Brigade uses realistic ranks structure, training methods & doctrine employed with Her Majesty's Armed Forces, this is used hand in hand with our well oiled, disciplined and professional atmosphere that is observed and enforced at all times during  operations. As a community, we ensure that our experience is close to the real thing as possible yet applicable to Arma 3, nothing is skimmed over. In addition to all of this, we host regular training session which foucs on a variety of drills & skills; ranging from basic to advanced.

Q: What role does the 51st Infantry Brigade specialise in?
A: In-game & in real life, we are  an Adaptable Force Brigade of the British Army and utilize a variety of assets but mainly employ the Ocelot Foxhound light protected patrol vehicle (LPPV).

Q: Can I be a sniper within the unit?
A: Not yet, the current platoon doesn't use snipers. Specialised roles such as Snipers will be part of our fire support platoon, which is likely to open later in 2018. 

Q: How about a pilot?
A: YES! Spaces are limited, but we are adding a rotary wing capability to the unit. You may have to take turns as crewmen! Ask about this in your interview if you want to fly.

Q: Can I join even if I'm with another Arma Community?
A: No. Our community requires a high level of dedication from attending Saturday operations at the prescribed times or community interaction. Not only this, but we want our members to be committed to the community in all aspects.

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