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Welcome to the 51 Infantry Brigade, as an applicant you must undergo our 3 stage recruitment process. You’ll need to create an account on the forums and then follow the link at the bottom of this page and submit your application so it can be reviewed by our G1 recruitment staff office. If you take a look below this text you’ll find information on what we will expect in your application.

Recruitment Process - Overview
Submitted your application in appropriate forum.
Received and initially screened by our G1 Office.
Reviewed within 24 hrs of application being received.
If ACCEPTED; you’ll be invited to attend an interview.
If REJECTED; you’ll receive a reason as to why.

After your application has been posted, received and initially screened, you will be privately messaged in order to arrange an interview to further your application process. The interview process that we employ here is relatively quick and painless so there is no need to panic, it is merely a formality and allows us to gain a sense of your personality and for us to answer any questions you feel did not need to be asked on your application or take the opportunity to ask some of our own, we’ll also hope to find out why you are applying to our community and ensure that you meet the brigades high standards so that you can join in the fun in this tight-knit group.  

The final stage in the recruitment process is attending your phase one basic training known as the ‘Combat Infantryman’s Course’ - Attending and completing this course will make you eligible to participate in any upcoming training or operations held on our event nights. Below you will find information regarding phase two of the combat infantryman’s course and what and where you can transfer to and the variety of different training programmes that are available in the unit. 


When writing your application…

Answer each question to the best of your ability and make sure you review what you write.
Make sure u have a poke about the community's website or the ‘About Us’ section.
Ensure you have used proper grammar and spelling, although if English isn’t your first language please do not be intimidated! Just try your best when writing your application and read over it.
Please tell us about yourself and any hobbies that you have that you enjoy in your spare time.
Think about why you wish to join our community and make sure you’ve put some thought into it.

Don’t leave anything blank! If you are unsure on what to put, have a look at another application.
Under no circumstance are you allowed to lie on your application; we’ll find out and remove you.
Don’t copy, steal or paste anyone's application from our unit as it will only cause trouble for you.
Make another application to another military simulations unit at the time of your application.


If you are accepted you’ll receive a private message within 24 hours of your application being submitted and receive once it has passed the initial screening, you’ll then be instructed to connect to our teamspeak under the name listed on your application and move to the ‘Looking for G1 Recruiter’ channel and you will be moved when someone who is available to conduct your interview. 
The interview itself will last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes and will allows us to find out more about you and in turn allow you to learn more about the unit and what we do here at the 51st Infantry Brigade. Feel free to ask any questions that come to your mind. If you are accepted into our unit, you’ll be assigned a variation of recruit tags and given access to the rest of Teamspeak and the website.


If you are accepted and pass your interview you’ll be required to complete Phase 1 training of your Combat Infantryman's Course. You must complete this part of your training course within 25 days/3 courses offered to you or you’ll be struck off as inactive. Once you have completed your phase one training you will be eligible to attend any upcoming official events such as operations.

After completing phase 1, you must complete Phase 2 of your CIC again within 25 days/2 courses offered or you’ll be removed. It allows you to have a insight into the different roles we offer infantry-wise which will then go on to offer specialization qualifications, it also gives you vital skills to operate effectively within our unit and for some individuals also brings out their leadership abilities. After completion of this course you will be put into one of the sections within our unit.

Our unit offers a variety of opportunities for advancement through courses or cadres ran by our G7 training team. These courses are run frequently for role-specific courses such as machine gunners / pointman / anti-tank rifleman or advancement courses such as the potential junior / senior non-commissioned officers cadre or the commissioned officers course we also run specialisation courses for all things support - Our medical, signals, engineers regiments royal artillery, fire support group, assault pioneers and platoon mortars.

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