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Good morning troops. 
After Saturday night's op, the following statement was released as part of a Brigade Int Update, for distribution to all 51 Infantry Personnel:

Statement to all Brigade Personnel, from Brigadier Alexander Digby-Sample, dated 25 February 2018 - 0430hrs:
“Last night saw the largest offensive operation by insurgent forces since we arrived in Kunduz. Whilst we unfortunately lost three of our lads, and our Afghan partners suffered heavier casualties, we must consider the enemy’s action as proof of our success so far.

Over the last month, we have conducted dozens of presence patrols, cleared 23 IEDs, destroyed enough materiel to supply an entire company, and (thanks to recent actions by 2Scots) captured a senior Lieutenant and severed a key link in the enemy’s logistics chain. This brings us much closer to achieving our objectives for this phase of Op Cromwell. 

Last night’s attack was a retaliation, but also a sign of desperation. The enemy is feeling the pinch, and are beginning to appreciate the threat we’re posing to their lines of supply. Enemy fighters in the river basins have taken numerous casualties, meaning they had to use militia from the city to mount an attack of this scale. As a consequence of this militia’s inexperience, their attacks faltered. By tracking their retreat to the city, we’ve identified numerous supply dumps and aid posts along the river basin. 
Our immediate concern now will be the reaction to last night’s attacks, including the recovery of three ANA soldier’s reported missing this morning. From there, we’ll be making the most of our momentum by pushing deeper into the insurgent held river basins.

In our first few weeks, we’ve established seven patrol bases further into the enemy territory, and have plans to establish another six before we begin phase 3. We’ll be leaving the majority of these positions with the ANSF once we move into Kunduz City; So, our priority in the next few weeks will be to work closely with them, shaping the battlefield through further presence patrols. 
We now know the Enemy is under pressure, I expect each commander in this Brigade will make the most of the next few weeks, to give us the best chances of success when we begin to retake Kunduz City.”


The full intelligence update can be found [here].

(Some changes to Doctrine/Summary of Int/Enemy's intent worth reading if you are in a command role)

Next Saturday's op will continue from the events described here, and will in effect take place on the next day after the attacks we fought off at the weekend. A warning order will be posted by Thursday.
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