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The Philippine Island of Mindanao is host to an ongoing low level insurgency, fueled by ongoing oppression of the Muslim population, who are a majority on Mindanao, but a minority elsewhere. The US are quietly supporting the Philippine government with training and equipment, In an effort to suppress international Islamist extremism. Despite this support, the sectarian violence has only escalated.

Recent Events:
Recently, the residents of Mindanao held an "illegal" independence referendum. This was met with a brutal crackdown by the Philippine military and police forces, with thousands injured and dozens killed whilst attempting to vote.

This reaction sparked weeks of armed clashes between the Separatist and Loyalist groups. A state of emergency was declared by the central government, but they were unable to put an end to the escalating conflict. The loyalist and separatists groups formed militias to protect their communities, but protection lead to retaliation, and civilians on both sides were killed in their hundreds. In an effort to bring an end to the separatist movement, the government “proscribed” towns and villages thought to support them, giving residents a day’s notice to evacuate their homes before the bombing started. Images of these bombings made international news a few days later, leading to a public and political outcry against the Philippine government's apparent ethnic cleansing, and by extension, the US who were supporting them. 

A shaky ceasefire was negotiated between the two militias and the Army. Bowing to international pressure, the government agreed to protections under law for the Muslim population in Mindanao, and promised to rebuild the decimated communities. 

Current Situation:
Despite these political overtures, reports continue to trickle in of human rights abuses, and starvation being used as a weapon against the 'rebellious' Muslim population. Under the collective pressure of the UN, the Philippine government has begrudgingly agreed to a limited foreign military and humanitarian presence to take control of the distribution of food, in order to safeguard the peace process which is so dependent on it. 

With a solid record of counter-insurgency work in Kunduz, elements of the 51st Infantry Brigade have been chosen to provide the UK’s contribution to this peacekeeping force.
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