Week 1 - After Action Report
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A section of 1 Platoon were dispatched on an initial Recon effort to the Plantation of Saint Clementine, around 3km north of our patrol base. 
Our mission was to "provide aid to the civilian population and project our force around the village, in order to dominate the psychological terrain". 

The mission was split into 4 phases:
Phase 1 - Road Convoy to village of Saint Clementine.
Phase 2 - Search/Presence Patrol around perimeter of village.
Phase 3 (situational) - If able to locate evidence of militia activity, pursue and disrupt these forces.
Phase 4 - Return to base.

Phase 1

We took a convoy out by road, departing at 2011hrs, making use of one Coyote and two locally sourced Urals. 
The convoy took contact shortly after leaving the security of PB Khaiber, but avoided any casualties.

A second minor contact knocked out a wheel from our 2nd Ural, but the driver was able to limp onwards to the next RV where the vehicle was quickly repaired.
The convoy continued without issue to the plantation of Saint Clementine. 

Upon our arrival, we heard weapons fire, and found 4 Philippine Army soldiers who appeared to have executed several men in civilian garb. They quickly mounted a Humvee and left the village as our Urals arrived. The village itself was pockmarked with craters. Judging by the size and depth they appeared to be from 155m shells or similar. Our transport helicopter was called in to provide an overhead view of the area. The village initially appeared to be unoccupied, but around 10+ residents quickly showed themselves as we started unloading the aid supplies. We completed unloading of the aid supplies, and took photos of the apparent execution site. The convoy vehicles were locked and secured, and keys distributed to team members. 

[Image: utHPKzU.jpg]

Phase 2 

Charlie and Delta teams split up. Charlie moved to the river front and worked anti-clockwise around the village perimeter. We discovered a camouflage-patterned assault boat pulled up and hidden among the trees. Murdoch airlifted an extra fireteam member in (McKelvie) and he joined Charlie fireteam during this phase, although he appeared to be having communication issues. Delta team moved clockwise and discovered two disabled vehicles, both of which appeared to have been attempting to leave the village. It wasn't clear whether they were attacked or crashed, but judging by the state of the village, these seem likely to be casualties of whatever attack took place. Delta's medic attempted to render aid to two casualties found close to these vehicles, but both were already deceased. Charlie team discovered a trail soon after, which had been partially concealed with loose foliage, and the fireteams regrouped at the trail start. 

[Image: mtqZF9D.jpg]

Phase 3

1 Section began moving up the trail, looking for any signs to confirm whether this was connected to militia activity. The path split, so the fireteams split up to check each route. Delta fireteam activated a tripwire flare, and Charlie team doubled back to regroup on the rear of delta. It was called over the radio that Delta would take point and Charlie would follow up the rear. Charlie team was moving into position when we took automatic fire at extreme close range. Giggs was killed almost immediately, the section IC was injured but evaded fatal wounds. Both fireteams attempted to locate the threat, as more close range automatic fire appeared to come from between the two fireteams. Corey took the initiative to bring Delta back to form an all around defense with Charlie, and the position was secured. Both medically trained personnel began working on the Tier 1 casualty. Whilst they were treating the casualty, McKelvie negligently discharged his weapon towards a friendly soldier. Section IC asked McKelvie to confirm whether he had killed a soldier at close range, which he confirmed. Section IC notified 2IC that our casualty was the result of friendly fire, in the confusion following the tripwire flare. The section fell back to the vehicles, and loaded our casualty up to move. Minor casualties were then treated. 

Phase 4

1 Section discovered the two Ural trucks had been drained of fuel, and mounted up in the Coyote to return to base before last light. Local contractors were notified of the Urals location. The return back to base was mostly uneventful, with a single contact harassing 1 section about 1km north of PB Khaiber. The section returned fire and sustained no further casualties. Mission debrief was conducted at 2137hrs, and gathered evidence collated by the Section IC.
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Further intel photos: 

[Image: DvKmz8C.jpg]

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[Image: zOrsYDb.jpg]

(Big thanks to Giggs for all the photos!)
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Sounds like a good operation guys.

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