Week 2 - After Action Report
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1 Platoon followed up on rumours of targeted killings in the isolated village of Kanleng Sreuv Samnang. 
Our mission was to deliver medical aid to Kanleng village, and in doing so, project our force into this area, in order to deter further targeted killings of civilians. 

The mission was planned to consist of three phases, however events on the ground quickly overtook us, and we had to adapt the plan accordingly. 

Phase 1 
1 Section were deployed by helicopter to the rice paddies bordering Kanleng, taking the medical supplies with them. They were quickly engaged from a fortified firing position, and three team members were injured, one seriously. 1 Section managed to kill two fighters, later identified as members of the Mindanao Liberation Front, before having to take firmer cover. 

2 Section were dropped off a few minutes later, and quickly assaulted the position with grenades, killing one remaining fighter within, and confirming the identity of these fighters. 1 section moved up to the newly secured location and Cpl Clapperton completed a 9-liner medevac request. During this time, 2 section identified further contacts west of the river firing upon civilians in the fields. Several shots were aimed towards 1 and 2 Sections, and A/LCpl Corey and Cpl Langdon returned fire killing 2-3, and putting a halt to the incoming fire.

Cpl Clapperton collapsed from his earlier injuries, and the combined survivors moved the casualties to meet the incoming medevac.
[The medevac was destroyed partly due to an arma physics issue. In reality, only the tail rotor should have been damaged, but this was enough to detonate the entire helicopter, the casualties from this glitch are being dis-counted from the campaign records]

The survivors took cover from a nearby aircraft wreck which was cooking off. Further contacts were identified, without a positive ID. A/LCpl Wilson fired a warning shot and the threat did not develop further. The sections then relocated towards the river where they were extracted by boat, taking intermittent fire from across the river's Western bank. Losander and Galaxy working together throughout the previous encounters managed to keep both casualties alive long enough for them to receive medical aid at the PB Khaiber. 

Phase 2 
Both sections re-inserted by helicopter, intending to complete the aid delivery and sweep the remainder of the village. Moments after landing, 1 section began taking fire from the nearby riverbank. One armed contact was spotted only seconds after landing, and killed at extreme close range by 2 section. 1 Section began taking further fire from across the river, and 2 section took up positions to return fire. In doing so, 2 section were exposed to a fireteam of armed militia in prepared fighting positions only metres away in the next rice paddy. Grenades landed among 2 section and almost all personnel were incapacitated. A/LCpl Corey survived long enough to warn 1 section, and the survivors regrouped, calling in a further medevac. Fus Giggs made a commendable effort to treat the casualties, but by the time the medevac vehicle arrived, at least 3 personnel had been killed. [Fus Giggs was killed by a flying bodybag, but this is being dis-counted from the campaign records]. The medevac chopper retrieved a serious casualty (who was tier 4 on arrival) and Pte Losander, before returning to the contact with the medic and 2 spare riflemen. 

Murdoch's airframe became the centre point of an intense battle for survival as the units on the ground tried to load their casualties whilst the troops sustained further injuries. The enemy began closing to within 200 metres, and the weight of incoming fire doubled in the space of a minute. Grenades landed within 50ft of the embattled sections. Limited cargo space meant a handful of troops had to hold their position whilst the heavily injured sections were extracted to PB Khaiber. Murdoch returned rapidly for the last few people, and managed to extract them amidst a hail of automatic fire from all directions. The survivors were returned to PB Khaiber, and unfortunately A/LCpl Corey died from his injuries.

After the smoke had cleared, 51st Infantry had suffered five KIA, a dozen wounded (four of which, seriously), and had failed to project their military force into the area of Kanleng Village. Based on after-action-reports, we believe that the majority of the contacts were from the loyalists militia, also following up on the rumours of targeted killings in Kanleng Village. High-altitude fly-bys of the village show numerous structures burning, our assessment is that the remaining civilians have either been executed or driven off by the loyalist militias from the western bank.
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