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Fus Casp

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07-05-2018, 05:32 PM -
Your desired name?:

Date of Birth, Age?:
6th of february 2001, 17


17 years or older?:

Link to Steam profile?:

Own a legal copy of Arma 3?:

Have a working headset & microphone?:

Are able to speak English fluently?:

Attend events regularly on Saturday at 1930 GMT?:
Will try as best as i can

Previous experience within Milsim?:
close to none

Apart of any other clan / unit?:

Experience with ACE3 and realism mods?:

Experience within Arma 3?:
played some KOTH, not much

Any military service? (Includes active and reserves):

How did you hear about the 51st Infantry Brigade?:
Found the server at random one night and really enjoyed playing with the guys

Why do you want to join the 51st Infantry Brigade?:
Because i am looking to play with serious and experienced players that i also can have a laugh with, and i believe that i can find it here.
Fus Holme

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07-05-2018, 06:06 PM -
Thank you for your application. Your application is currently pending and will be reviewed by a member of the G1 Personnel team within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your inbox and this thread for further instructions regarding your application to the 51st Infantry Brigade - Arma 3 Milsim unit.

Best Regards,
Fus Holme
Cpl Clapperton

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11-05-2018, 05:47 PM -
Message Sent 11/05/18

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