Week 3 - Commander’s Briefing
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11-05-2018, 08:17 PM -
Commander's Brief:
Alright gentlemen, we are located at PB Khaiber, which was loaned to us by the Philippine army. To the north are the british OP Kyle, american FOB Jackson and several Philippine army PBs.
Today’s mission is to take supplies to the Sainte Clementine plantation we visited 2 weeks ago and make sure the situation is safe for the civilians.
The second part of the mission is to deliver the supplies to Phoum Srei Aphsok village to the north, where the separatist threat keeps growing, and do a presence patrol while searching for any sign of the MLF.

Mission Statement:
We are going to bring supplies to the Sainte Clementine Plantation in order to show the civilian population we are still there for them and to make sure the area is clear of hostile forces. After that we are  to move some supplies to Phoum Srei Aphsok and secure the village in order to dominate the psychological terrain and spread our influence and road access to the other side of the Tonle Teuktnaot river.

·        IED = minimal
·        Enemy Forces = the area to and in St. Clementine should be safe as the PKL has moved into it, although the situation north of it is unknown
·        Reported gunfire at the entrance to the St. Clementine between Mindanao Liberation Front and Philippine Defense Militia

Additional notes:
·        The helicopter's tail rotor has been damaged during a test flight as a result of a hard landing and because of that the helicopter won't be available for up to half an hour
·        The area around the Kanleng Sreuv Samnang village is suspected to be under PDM control, because of that the passage through that area is not advised

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