Week 3 - After Action Report
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1 Platoon were tasked with delivering aid parcels to two locations to the north. The first was the plantation of Saint Clementine where we conducted our initial Recon in Week 1. The second was the large town of Phoum Srei Aphsok, to the north of our AOR. 

Our mission was to deliver this aid in order to dominate the psychological terrain and spread our influence and road access to the other side of the Tonle Teuktnaot river.

The mission was split into 5 phases:
Phase 1 - Road Convoy to village of Saint Clementine. Unload Aid.
Phase 2 - Search/Presence Patrol around perimeter of village.
Phase 3 - Road Convoy to Phoum Srei Aphsok. Unload Aid.
Phase 4 - Presence Patrol through main body of town.
Phase 5 - Return to base.  

Phase 1

We took a convoy out by road, departing at 2015hrs. The main body of the convoy consisted of 1 Section in the new GMG-Armed Jackal, and two locally sourced Ural trucks. (Note: the civilian contractors who maintain and drive these vehicles did not report for duty on the morning of the mission, and we've received no further contact from them).
The platoon command element followed behind the convoy main body in a second Jackal. The convoy out to Saint Clemetine was most uneventful. The aftermath of an ambush was discovered just short of the plantation, where 1 Section partially dismounted to investigate. Casualties were checked, and evidence gathered. It was later established that a section sized element of the Mindanao Liberation Front (MLF) had ambushed a raiding party of loyalist militia after driving them away from the village of Saint Clemetine. It appears the Philippine Army arrived shortly afterwards, killing several MLF fighters, and taking the few survivors captive before they could fall back from Saint Clementine. 1 Section moved on from this ambush site, and delivered 2 weeks of supplies to the aid centre previously established near the Church. 

[Image: H5u84kS.jpg]
[Please PM Cpl Langdon if you hold copies of the photos taken as evidence]

Phase 2 

1 Section prepared to depart on the presence patrol when shots were heard from nearby. 1 Section rapidly moved to investigate, and discovered a fireteam of Philippine Army soldiers standing over the bodies of several executed MLF fighters. The Philippine soldiers were immediately detained, and handed over to the Platoon Sergeant for processing. The captured persons were extracted by helicopter, and returned to PB Khaiber where they were held for transport by MPs from FOB Jackson. Meanwhile, 1 Section proceeded on a foot patrol around the perimeter of Saint Clementine. Tracers were spotted in northwest across the river, but the presence patrol was completed without further incident. The Platoon command element rejoined the main force in preparation for Phase 3.

[Image: kfAMeyg.jpg]

Phase 3 

1 Platoon set off in Convoy towards Phoum Srei Aphsok, but quickly took light contact 200-300m north of Saint Clemetine. The GMG armed Jackal stopped to suppress these targets, and the convoy powered through under the cover of 40mm grenades. A further 400-500m along the road we received heavier contact, and Victor 1 (Ural) was disabled. The remaining Ural pushed forward whilst the Jackal team stopped to pick up the driver of Victor 2. Fus holme quickly took 2 rounds to his body armour and was incapacitated, "Man Down" was called on the radio, but before the medics could pull him down from the vehicle, a further 4 rounds struck his chest, left shoulder, and head. Emergency life saving treatment was administered, and as soon as the medics gave the green light, the troops mounted back up in the Jackal and pushed along the route to the nearest covered location. Security was set up and casualties were treated. Fus Holme was pronounced dead at 21:35. 

[Image: 0CH4rr5.jpg]

LCpl Corey and Cpl Clapperton made the decision to proceed to Phoum Srei Aphsok where further medical aid could be provided in a secure environment, and the convoy pushed onwards with their one remaining Ural, and two jackals. Barely 30 seconds after departing, the convoy took heavy fire again, taking one further minor injury, but pushing through successfully under cover of the first Jackal. The GMG was put to good use with ~20 rounds expended at this one contact alone. The Ural (now on point) reached the outskirts of Phoum Srei Aphsok and took sudden heavy and accurate fire, disabling the vehicle. Delta coasted their disabled truck to a stop in heavy defilade from the enemy's ambush positions, and the two jackals took up defensive positions around it. The survivors loaded up quickly into the first jackal, and the convoy raced forward to escape the ambush site. The convoy immediately encountered a roadblock and heavier fire from prepared positions within 50 metres. The roadblock directed the convoy back on their original route, and the drivers rapidly moved away from the roadblock position, taking cover again in the heavy defilade near the disabled Ural. 

Phase 4 - cancelled
Phase 5

LCpl Corey re-briefed the troops. With our route to Phoum blocked, and too many injuries to attempt fighting through, the convoy was ordered to return back along their route, through the numerous ambush positions. The troops loaded fresh magazines, tightened their helmets and checked their grenades in anticipation. The platoon command vehicle deployed a smokescreen to cover the move out of defilade, and the drivers then pushed the vehicles to their limits, rapidly accelerating away from the heaviest contact. 

The convoy pushed on back down the road for 2-3 minutes, taking repeated fire from well prepared firing positions, returning fire with all weapons available. The vehicles pushed straight through Saint Clemetine, expecting a pursuit. The convoy encountered an armoured vehicle before reaching the first Philippine Army checkpoint, narrowly avoiding a collision and racing into PB Ganang for protection from any further ambushes. The convoy was blocked by an armoured vehicle the Philippine troops had manouevred to block access to their base, but 1 Section dismounted and forced their way into the garrison on foot, whereupon they were extracted by Plt Off Murdoch and airlifted back to PB Khaiber. 

Casualties were treated, evidence gathered, and the troops debriefed. Despite numerous heavy contacts, 1 Platoon had suffered only a single casualty, thanks to excellent reaction to contact drills and professional leadership. 


The Phillipine Government are protesting the arrest of their soldiers, however so far the US Forces have refused to release them until formal proceedings are brought against them. 
In retaliation for their capture, the Philippine Army have confiscated the two jackals abandoned at PB Ganang, and we expect they will be destroyed shortly. 
The Philippine Government have threatened to withdraw from the Status of Forces Agreement (SoFA) allowing UK Forces to operate on Mindanao, however so far political pressure has prevented them taking any further action. 
PJHQ Northwood has given orders that UK Forces are not to enter any Philippine Army garrisons except to render immediate medical or humanitarian assistance. In these situations, Commanders are advised to attempt to make contact with local commanders on the ground and negotiate access first, to minimise the risk of blue-on-blue incidents.
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A good operation and a cracking after action report. Anyone not in attendance of this event has really missed out as you can see. Loved the Law of Armed Conflict element of this, really thickens the plot of the campaign.

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Great after action report, all important details included

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