Week 5 - Commander's Briefing
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01-06-2018, 10:22 PM -

For all of you who have just joined us, we are currently located at PB Khaiber, which was loaned to us by the Philippine army. To the north are the british OP Kyle, american FOB Jackson and several Philippine army PBs. Our tensions with the PKA and civilian population are quite high, which is the reason we need to be even more careful during our operations.


The southern entrance to the village of Phoum Srei Apshok is currently occupied by PKA forces, meaning that we might expect some trouble with the Philippine authorities regarding our delivery of aid to the village.
That said, we have reasonable suspicion that the Philippine Army is leaking information about our convoys, and because of that, the convoy will head off earlier than it was planned, in order to hinder the possibilities of an ambush along the way.


Deliver the humanitarian aid to the village of Phoum Srei Apshok before 0600 Local Time and conduct a presence patrol in order to find any remnants of the MLF forces.


The convoy should head off as early as possible, with at least 30 minutes spare if we encounter any sort of resistance. if contacted by the enemy, the convoy should try to push through the contact.
After delivering the aid, the immediate perimeter around the church has to be be secured. After that, you are free to conduct a presence patrol.
In case of any contact from hostile forces in and around the village, you are to retaliate, and in the event of significant injuries and/or casualties, the church should be used as a fall-back point.
After you feel the danger had passed, you are free to return to base and debrief.

Additional Notes:

  1. The aid packages have been loaded with some advanced medical equipment, since we are delivering them to a field hospital set up by the church in Phoum Srei Apshok.
  2. The tensions between us, PKA and the civilian population are still rising, the Army doesn't like that we are "messing with their business" and the civilians don't appreciate that we are working with PKA. So if you discover any more Philippine Army personnel doing something they shouldn't (something opposing the Geneva Convention), it is up to you how you want to handle it. Release them back to PKA or deliver them to FOB Jackson where the Military Police will be awaiting them.
  3. Even though most of the civilians do not like us, we are told to expect a small group of friendly armed villagers at the church
  4. The aid supplies are to be dropped off under the tree behind their field hospital.
  5. We have a new shipment of aid pallets, but they are not ready yet, so just use the ones from the shack.
  6. The road from Sainte Clementine to Phoum Srei Apshok is blocked, meaning we will have to go the other way, through PKA controlled territory.

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