Week 6 - Commander's Brief
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Enemy Forces: We have sighted mortar crews setting up equipment across the river from PB Khaiber, from their armaments they appear to be Mindanao Liberation Front (MLF). We also believe there is a patrol/rearguard moving along the riverbank, somewhere north of the mortar positions. We are expecting an IDF attack within the hour. We expect their intent is to inflict sufficient damage to stop any further relief efforts, before evacuating ahead of the nearby PKA forces arrival.

Friendly Forces: 3 Section are conducting foot patrols around OP Kyle, with a handful of spotters remaining in the OP itself. US Forces remain in an expanded perimeter around FOB Jackson. 

Neutral Forces: The Philippine Army (PKA) Are conducting Operation "Piun Four" about 1-2km south of where the mortars were sighted. The stated intent of this operation is to drive out any MLF militants in the nearby villages, and disrupt their supply networks. However, based on previous experience, it's expected there will be a significant collateral damage as part of this, as any civilians remaining in "Proscribed" towns are being treated as militants by PKA Commanders. 


51st Infantry Brigade are to locate and defeat the mortar threat, in order to maintain our capability to provide humanitarian aid to likely victims of the PKA's "Piun Four" Operation.


The mission will be conducted in four phases:
1 - Insertion
2 - Locate and Defeat MLF Forces
3 - Deny weapons + Materiel
4 - Return to base

  • We have prepared a handful of additional Assault Boats for the river crossing. 
  • A quantity of explosives, as well as a handful of light Anti-Tank/Structure weapons, can now be found in the ammo shack in the centre of the PB. 
  • The US Forces at FOB Jackson continue to offer use of their Forward Arming and Refuel Point for our aerial assets.
  • Any civilian casualties can be directed to the US-manned aid post 2-3km Northwest of the operations area, along the main road. 
  • The armed AH-1Y has been repaired and is now available for use again. 

  • There is a no-fly zone around Operation "Piun Four". This is strictly enforced by Ground to Air missile batteries, and most likely Philippine Air Power. Aviation assets MUST avoid this area, and navigate cautiously when entering and leaving PB Khaiber. 
  • We have not trained in or equipped for amphibious assault operations. Do not attempt to land close to enemy forces, or attempt to cross the river in sight of potential threats.

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