Part 1 Orders, 09JUNE18
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09-06-2018, 03:13 PM -
TO: All Enlisted personnel, 51 Inf Bde 
FROM: 2Lt Stewart, 1 Pl Comd
SUBJECT: Part 1 Orders


"With summer in full effect in the Northern Hemisphere, we've adopted a "sun's out, guns out" policy and would like to announce a free weekend for Squad! The free weekend will begin on Thursday, June 21 (6/21/2018) at 10 AM Pacific Time and run through to Sunday, June 24th (6/25/2018) at 1 PM Pacific Time. In addition to that, Squad will have a 40% discount for the duration. Free weekends can be a little crazy, so we've prepared some tips for newcomers (and the newly returned) to help make the weekend a little more fun for everyone. We'd also recommend checking out the wiki guide to Getting Started as Grunt. If you're already up to speed, you may want to check out the major patch notes, which include an improved vehicle damage model, British forces, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and more."

Squad as a game is ever improving & the community within it is growing; I'd love to be able to get a section or two on a server and as our very own Cpl Clapperton would say 'Establish a presence' 
on Squad as a whole or even move to purchase & maintain our own server to play on during the week. Either or, it'll be blast to play with the newer members of the unit and allow them to get amongst it.

Major Patch Notes

Any questions about the game, feel free to get in touch with me.

2Lt Stewart
1 Platoon Commander

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