Week 6 - After Action Report
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1 Platoon were alter to an IDF threat emerging across the river from PB Khaiber. We were tasked with defeating this threat to the PB, so that we could continue providing humanitarian aid in the region. A large Philippine Army operation was taking place just south of the known Mortar threat, and we were ordered to remain clear of this AO. 

Our mission was to find and defeat the mortar threat, in order to secure our ability to provide aid to the victims of the Philippine Army's Operation.

The mission was split into 4 phases:
Phase 1 - River Crossing
Phase 2 - Find, engage and defeat MLF Militants manning mortars.
Phase 3 - Secure/Deny materiel and heavy equipment.
Phase 4 - River Crossing back to base. 

Phase 1
1 Section were dispatched across the river in 3 Assault boats, landing safely to the southernmost edge of the village where the mortar threat was located. 

Phase 2
1 Section conducted a cautious patrol through the main body of the village. Partway through this patrol large explosions and sporadic gunfire was heard coming from the South where the Philippine Army were attempting to drive out insurgents. The Section formed up at a small bridge in preparation for an attack into the suspected mortar positions, however we took fire before we could complete the briefing. The fireteams split along their pre-arranged routes, and began sweeping through the northern half of the village. Charlie team engaged one militant, killing him instantly. Delta team then began to take heavy fire from several positions, at which point the location of the mortars was positively identified.

Delta team took a walking wounded casualty, but pressed on with their attack. Charlie team rushed to support them, and began conducting a bounding attack from the enemy's flank. Two members of charlie team were clipped with rifle fire, but were able to press on thanks to their protective equipment. Delta team engaged the mortar positions with grenades, before closing into range with automatic fire. Delta took a serious casualty and the attack was halted whilst an element of Charlie secured a civilian structure to use as a defensive position. A second casualty was sustained in Delta team as three members from Charlie moved up to cover. During the 2 minutes where immediate first aid was being provided, Fus Holme engaged and killed two MLF militants with his sharpshooter rifle, and a further 2 were killed collectively by Delta team's overwatch fire. 

The casualties were stabilised and moved into the newly secured civilian structure. Fus Murray was discovered unconscious a short distance from the secured building, and declared KIA on location. A/LCpl Losander was directed in by boat to the secured location, and a team was dispatched to meet and escort him back to the casualties. Both personnel were declared KIA at this stage. The section regrouped, and wounds were treated. 

Phase 3
The section set up a defensive perimeter around the mortar firing site, and prepared charges on the tubes and heavy transport being used to carry their ammunition. The bodies of the three personnel killed so far were bagged up and being transported back to the boats when automatic rifle fire was heard just south towards the centre of the village. A radio message was received from Platoon HQ informing us that Philippine Army troops could be seen entering the village and opening fire on civilians, the section was ordered to grab any nearby civilians and evacuate them with us. Whilst delta fireteam was preparing to search buildings, the section took fire. The order was given for the bodies of the three personnel to be left in situ, and a hasty bounding retreat was ordered back towards Losander's boat.

Whilst falling back, Fus Holme and Cpl Langdon were both severely wounded by a hail of fire from the exposed right flank. Holme managed to keep both himself and Langdon alive, whilst the section regrouped and fought their way back to the casualties. Losander stabilised them both whilst the rest of the section formed up around them. One firing position was identified, manned by two Philippine Army soldiers. Fire was briefly exchanged and the casualties pulled back to a safer position. Fire then erupted on 1 section's position from several angles. The Minimi gunners returned automatic fire, whilst multiple troops were injured in the weight of incoming fire. A/LCpl Corey coordinated the defense, as 1 section's return fire began taking it's toll on the Philippine aggressors. 

Phase 4
1 Section began loading their casualties into Losander's assault boat, almost single-handedly covered by Fus Giggs. The boat overturned and the survivors began plucking unconscious casualties from the water. Cpl Langdon and Fus Murray both drowned before their bodies could be recovered. The survivors continued fighting from their compromised position as two boats were rushed over from PB Khaiber to help evacuate them. Under the cover of Fus Holme, now in one of the boats, the remaining members of 1 section escaped as the handful of uninjured Philippine Soldier's closed on the bodies of those killed in the intense firefight. 

End Result
The mortar threat was defeated, but relations with the Host Nation have plummeted. The Philippine Government refuse to accept that their troops opened fire first, and are demanding British forces leave immediately. This was worsened by an incident shortly afterwards where the Philippine Army claim the unit of engineers stationed at PB Khaiber were executed by UK Forces personnel. 1 Platoon troops insist they were acting in self-defence. The UK Government has agreed to begin extracting the platoon, and preparations have begun for removal of the British equipment and personnel.
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